The Bremain Team

Our Bremain Team welcomes you to our campaign for the UK to protect the rights of UK citizens living in Spain and throughout Europe. We believe in a tolerant, outward-looking and caring society and are convinced this is best achieved by the UK being closely aligned with the EU.





Bremain Sub-Groups

Bremain in Spain also has many members working tirelessly in our sub-groups – Regional Groups, Votes for Life, Bremain Marchers. You will meet just some of these dedicated members on this page.




“Thank you to the Bremain Council, our Admins and Tweeters, our sub-group members and all our volunteers. It is due to your hard work, dedication and determination that Bremain in Spain continues to grow in size and stature. We could not have got where we are today without your continued support and willingness to take action. You deserve all the credit.”

Sue Wilson – Chair

Of course Bremain in Spain also thanks its over 5,500 members who contribute to the ongoing discussion,
providing information, insights and ideas on a daily basis.

We are all one team!!!